Bilfinger GreyLogix is now RosTechNadzor certified


СВЕРШИЛОСЬ! Twelve Bilfinger GreyLogix employees are now RosTechNadzor certified in Russia.

RosTechNadzor Surveillance Authority

RosTechNadzor is a federal technical controlling authority in Russia, similar to the German TÜV. RosTechNadzor (RTN) stands for „Russian Technical Surveillance Authorities“. When employees are involved with the planning, developing, commissioning, operation, or maintenance of an industrial plant in Russia, they must be certified accordingly. No work at the plant may be carried out without the corresponding certification. At the same time, this certification means the individual’s information must be entered into the state register, a database of the surveillance authority.

Bilfinger GreyLogix Stands for Innovation

Before the RTN certifications could be issued, negotiations were held with Russian authorities to verify numerous documents, diplomas, and certificates. Through the RosTechNadzor certification, professional employees from Bilfinger GreyLogix are officially authorized to conduct work on plants and carry out their activities in Russia. Since Bilfinger GreyLogix continues to expand its range of activities and is committed to fulfill requirements for ongoing projects, such certifications will be carried out in a targeted manner. These nuances give Bilfinger GreyLogix an edge over the competition and promote intercultural understanding among its team of experts.

On Behalf of the Customer

Bilfinger GreyLogix relies on professionalism while fulfilling all necessary legal requirements to maintain good customer relationships — whether in Germany, Russia, or other countries around the world. By employing specialists with management backgrounds and experience in engineering fields, such as hardware, software, and SCADA, Bilfinger GreyLogix satisfies these requirements. It is Bilfinger GreyLogix‘ goal to work towards continuous improvement and provide the best possible performance for its customers.
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