Nord Stream Baltic Sea Pipeline – SCADA-Migration During Ongoing Operation


The Nord Stream AG operates two gas pipelines from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea. The two pipelines with a total length of approximately 1200 kilometers are protected with the landfall stations in Lubmin and Portovaja Bay (Vyborg, Russia). Both stations are monitored and operated from the headquarters in Zug (Switzerland), where the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is carried out as well. Just like every other technical system, this system is also subject to a continuous life and maintenance cycle. A particularly critical and demanding challenge was the SCADA migration to its latest release during operation, which was successfully carried out by Bilfinger GreyLogix GmbH.

As the facility’s operator, Nord Stream AG benefits from the update of the hardware and software in particular through the increased safety of the facility and additional new functions within the controls. Migrating to a virtualized system furthermore increases the flexibility of the facility. Optimizations to the software design also significantly enhanced the structure and transparency.

With the know-how and the process knowledge of the engineers of the BU Oil & Gas at Bilfinger GreyLogix, we were able to demonstrate to the customer even in the early project phase to which extent he will benefit from the update of his facility. But that is not all: As the experts of Bilfinger GreyLogix carried out their work during operation, the downtimes caused by maintenance and works on the plant were reduced to a minimum. This allowed the customer to fully focus on the operation of his plant.

In order to offer the typical „GreyLogix Service“ to our customer even after the project, service locations have been set up in St. Petersburg and Lubmin. There, experienced technicians and engineers of Bilfinger GreyLogix will assist the customer in order to ensure a continuous, safe, and economical plant operation.As the customers need to focus more and more on their core competencies and cannot maintain staff outside of this area, Bilfinger GreyLogix has strongly developed this service area to provide optimal support to its customers.