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Our Retrofit Deliverables – Improvement Times Three

For projects with the spray tower technology our modernization measures are structured in three sections: By using the latest technology we achieve improvements which will make the future plant operation even more efficient and safer.


Leading with Safety – Safety Technology for Spray Towers

The recent development of Bilfinger GreyLogix foodtec is our duo-channel early fire detection, based on a very sensitive CO detection. Depending on the concentration, an alert signal is sent first. Is the value higher, the system automatically shuts down the process or triggers the firefighting operations/flooding in case of emergency.The constructive explosion control completes our delivery scope. Through these measures damage is limited and the safety for the plant’s employees is increased.

Our safety team consists of experts in plant engineering as well as engineers from the process technology. The package resulting from this wealth of experience comprises different modules, which significantly increase the safety during production.  The advantage: The individual components are compatible with each other as well as with many third-party systems. The companies, which are using the innovative safety solutions in milk processing, include Uelzena, Rücker, and Deutsches Milchkontor.